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Ten Major Attractions

1. Vocational School Review ranks excellent in all four categories, first place national.
¡@¡@Since 1998, the Ministry of Education began a review of all public and private Vocational schools. In all four categories; academic affairs and placement and career service, teaching and student guidance, administrative support and academic departments, our school ranked 1st place. Clearly, Yu Da had extraordinary standards.
2. First school that passed ISO9002 evaluation, No.1 in quality.
¡@¡@ISO9002 is the mark of national quality. Our school applied for the evaluation in 1998. Within 45 days, our school passed with the score of 93 points. Again, Yu Da ranked 1st place in school quality.
3. Students numbered 20,000. The largest middle school in the world.
¡@¡@The more the better. Yu Da has grown form a school with 150 students and teachers to 20,000 students. With a total of 190,000 graduates throughout its history, Yu Da has earned both parents and public recognition.
4. Unlimited opportunities for scholarship.
¡@¡@Unlike most schools, Yu Da set no limit on the number of students receiving a scholarship. Scholarships are categorized as follow: scholarships for excellent grades that encourage students to compete with others; scholarships for making progress that encourages students to study harder; Kuang-Ya scholarship for the student who receives admission to universities; scholarships that encourage students toward practical learning; scholarships for students with outstanding athletic ability. Every year our total scholarship awards amount to over 10 million.
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5. Weekly newsletter. Yu Da has published weekly newsletter for over 2,000 weeks.
¡@¡@Unlike most schools that publish a monthly newsletter, Yu Da decided to release a weekly newsletter reporting on campus life. In addition, our newsletter allows teachers and students the opportunity to post their writings, providing another way to create harmony within our campus. Roughly 30,000 copies are printed weekly and distributed among different local educational agencies and some even being sent to foreign countries. More importantly, this newsletter has won first prize annually among school newsletters.
6. School quality is checked up on semiannually. Prize money is given to well-performing teachers and faculties.
¡@¡@While other schools conduct their quality checkup annually, Yu Da does it twice a year. At the end of every semester, teachers and faculty members that score 80 points or above are granted bonuses. Highest bonus can even reach 14 or 15 months of regular salary. Consequently, all teachers and faculty have always devote their best effort to their work.
7. Complete rules of administration.
¡@¡@Our applied business principle is a set rules that create effective results. Rules are compiled into two volumes, with 1,500 pages each. After being revised three times, our governing rulest meet ISO standards as well as covering all aspects of the school system.
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8. The dedicated homeroom teachers.
¡@¡@¡§The homeroom teacher¡§ of Yu Da is not just a title in the school system. These teachers are the souls that maintain peace and organization on campus. The responsibility of homeroom teacher require them always to be on guard and taking care of students¡¦ life. In other words, ¡§wherever there are students, there are teachers¡¨. Only by knowing the students and understanding them will teachers be able to assist the students. Due to the heavy workload, Yu Da¡¦s teachers receive an extra monthly pay of 12,000 NT all year round.
9. Firm policy on hiring teachers.
¡@¡@Since 1966, to become a teacher of Yu Da, one has to go through four steps. First of all, the applicant¡¦s personal profile is screened. A written test is then given. After passing the test, the applicant will simulate a classroom teaching. Face to face interview is the final step Under the strict screening system, Yu Da has always been able to hire the best teachers. Most of the applicants own a bachelor degree. More than 200 applicants have master or Ph.D. degree.
10. 100% on job employment and further education. Many choices after graduation.
¡@¡@¡§Yu Da admission equals employment¡¨ is not longer a saying; ¡§Yu Da guarantees education continuation¡¨ is no longer a dream. Numbers talk. In 1966, Yu Da established ¡§Learning guidance and counseling¡¨ to assist students with learning and job employment. For next eight years, at least 1300 students entered college annually. Educational records and job employment show outstanding results. Consequently, there are Yu Da graduates everywhere in our society and some even overseas.