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Dr. Wang¡¦s Education Ideology

¡@¡@Over the last half century, Dr. Wang has been very successful in terms of building schools and has received unanimous recognition from the general public and educational agencies. He has always believed that the four fundamental principles for a school system to were ¡§Morality, Creativity, Quality and Efficiency¡¨

By building students¡¦ respect for teachers and strengthening the moral principles among students and teachers, harmony will be created on campus. Students honor teachers with respect and honesty. Teachers treat students as friends. Together, they pursue knowledge.

¡@¡@By directing trends, observing societies, and developing classes to meet employment requirements, endless opportunities for students will be created.

Apply strict quality standards on purchasing hardware and software, and hiring teachers; grant scholarship to outstanding students. These requirements will help maintain a high quality of education.

Establish a body of rules as standards for school. These rules help the teachers to teach, staff to work, and students to learn. As a result, teaching, researching, and learning has shown a dramatic increase in performance.