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Future Prospects

@@@@Yu Da High School of Commerce and Home Economics is located at the center of Taipei. Even with a limited campus size, Yu Da believes that quality of education is far more important than size of facilities. We believe new ideas and inspiring sprits will keep us moving forward and becoming the most dedicated combined high school community.

@@Establishing a comprehensive high school is Yu Das first step towards quality education. Recently, our government has increased the number of colleges available to the students in order to allow more students to receive higher education. Consequently, the need for more and better high schools has equally increased. Compared with other vocational high schools, comprehensive high schools focus more on learning of fundamental subjects. In 2000,Yu Da offered three basic programs in continued education, information application, and business services. These programs were developed in order to guide students in the continuation of their education at colleges and universities. Yu Da opened 4 Classes in the first year. Six classes were opened in year 2001 and more classes will be added as years go along.

@@After establishing a comprehensive high school, Yu Das next goal is to change the school system to community college. In terms of teachers, Yu Da has more then 100 teachers with a master degree and 4 teachers with a doctoral degree. In terms of resources, even through Yu Da is only at high school level, its equipment ranks equally with a college. In addition, Yu Das current technology institute, college, and business language school can share resources and information. In terms of educational exchanges with foreign schools, Yu Da ranks number one among all high schools in Taiwan. Regardless of high school or community college, Yu Da has adapted smaller-class instruction in language courses. The traditional large class is outdated in the current rapidly changing society. Complete teacher-student interaction can only be achieved in small classes. Education can obtain top qualities and excellent standards.

@@Yu Da understands the needs of society and realizes the trend of technology. Not only will Yu Da maintain being number one in vocational education, it will also use its vision to open a brand new horizon for Taiwan education in the 21st century.